A Little About Me

I’ve been so blessed to be included in sharing my story on this amazing platform of Fraser Valley Yoga Teacher Blog hosted by the beautiful Wendy Weymann.  

My name is Shae Savage and in the simplest sense I am a natural healer. I am a witch.

I work with women who are ready to step into their most fulfilled life. Women who are ready to dive deep into their hearts and walk an empowered, authentic path. I help women re-align (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually).

I utilize my formal education as a Kinesiologist weaved with the ancestral knowing in my blood, my personal experiences, Kundalini Yoga and continuing self study to weave and formulate individualized movement and spiritual treatment plans.

I call myself a ‘Holistic Kinesiologist’ as I work with the whole person not just the physical aspect through retraining the nervous system, moving emotions through the body and integrating the experience.

I grew up in a small farm town in BC. The town is lined by rivers and trees sitting at the base of glorious mountains. My connection to earth medicine practices started naturally when I was very young.

From elementary to high school I battled with anxiety, depression and body image issues. When I finally found weight lifting at 18 this became a change agent for my life.

It was the VERY start of my journey to self healing. My diet changed as did my outlook on life. I shifted from being unhappy to endorphin induced highs.

The game changer for me to really restructure my life was when I had my first car accident at 19.

My whole world flipped upside down, it was rehabilitation that taught me how to respect my body and how to LISTEN to my body.

Fast forwarding 6 years later this marks where the biggest shifts of my life occurred. Here I started the awareness of a deep connection made between my mental states in direct impact on my physical states.

Hatha was the starting point, it made sense anatomically. I soon found myself wanting a deeper education.

An old friend had been asking me to try a Kundalini class for a while and I was resistant to the idea.

I finally went to a Kundalini class and WOW. Because of this class I was FOREVER changed.

I felt liberation. I felt free. I felt ALIVE. I knew that I needed this feeling in my life EVERY-DAMN-DAY!

Over the next few years a community formed in South Surrey where deep healing and profound growth was occurring. I found myself more and more in alignment with my purpose. I saw the connections and deep friendships establishing in my studio, Savage Yoga.

Seeing these transformations within myself, over the years of deep self study, and seeing them in my students is beyond humbling work.

I am now currently in Port Moody, offering local progressive series in Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama & Witchery. As well as collaborative workshops with breath, sound, kundalini yoga & cacao.

I guide weekly empowering Pre and Post Natal Yoga practices combining my skills and knowledge into revolutionizing pregnancy.

I have an online transformational package, Practical Magic: 3 month Mentorship program. Where we utilize astrology, kundalini yoga, pranayama, meditation, self growth exercises and somatic healing.

I teach a 100hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, a 6 month Maiden course and coming 2020 a 100hr Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training.

You can also find me working in person one to one with my Kinesiology skills at Rocky Point Wellness.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story. Let’s connect if my work pulls to your heart.

Sat Nam. Blessings Be.


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