Being human, gets messy. Welcome to Life


I am a proud Scorpio woman who is committed to her fucking work (Yes I swear and it’s a powerful practice when used towards igniting passion). I’ve shed some deep layers over these past years and I am not blind to the fact that life is a journey of shedding and growing. I am always looking for more self evolution and expansion.

 “Why? You might ask, it seems like a daunting and intense task that is not made for the weak of heart.”

Well you’re exactly right. It’s a life’s journey. A life’s work. Constant seeding and weeding of your subconscious garden.

Why would you not want to work on loving yourself so fiercely through each and every moment. To knowing, remembering yourself so intimately. You are the only person you are guaranteed to be with for your whole life. Why not get to know and discover every single layer of you. Become in awe of your personal evolution.

Why not show up everyday to clear the garbage of the subconscious to be the best version of yourself that you can be. To inspire others to embrace both their light and their dark. To help ease this divide. This loneliness. This separateness. This mental and emotional damage we do to each other because at the end of the day we just want someone to understand us. To love us wholly and completely through all the flaws and all the beauty.

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