Building a Foundation.

I feel that the last 10 years of my life have been fast tracked. I have been exposed and placed into circumstances that I never thought I would survive emotionally and mentally. Guess what. I did. I thrived because of them. All of the heart breaks, the losses, the injuries, the abuse, the tears and grieving all were blessings in the softening and awakening of me. Of discovering who I am and why I am here.


Last year, I learned about this Goddess, Akhilandeshvari, is the goddess of “never not broken”. She is constantly in a state of being broken and rebuilding herself. This is a beautiful opportunity to find a limitless within each of us.


As we rebuild ourselves over and over again. As we commit to doing the personal work we are never the same and forever changed. Forever changed. After each bruise, strain, sprain, break, loss, beating, drowning we are reborn into a new version of ourselves. Our cells do it naturally without our bodies. They are constantly in a cycle of life/death/life. Our bodies heal after physical trauma. We rebuild our tissues, bones and bodies from the inside out.


When we look at Akhilandeshvari she reminds us that there is a definite opportunity to create something new and amazing after and throughout each experience.


For me I believe my heart has been stretched, pulled, bruised and broken in so many different ways so that it can house more compassion, understanding, acceptance and love for all areas of myself and others. This process is a continuously journey as I grow.


I have the ability to love myself deeply enough to have boundaries. I love myself deeply enough to still have compassion and empthy for others. To see, to hear and to choose what suits me and my highest potential.


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