Practical Magic 2019: 3 month Personal Guidance + Mentorship

Let’s move into this year with a steady and sustainable momentum. This year in numerology is a 3 which really highlights the sacred trinity of life-death-rebirth; maiden-mother-crone; mind-body-spirit; sun-moon-earth. Now is the time. Not yesterday or tomorrow. Today, this breath.

Investing in your wellbeing will always be with you. The more you focus on knowing yourself, gaining clarity, understanding your heart, grounding down physically, mentally and emotionally the more you can enrich your life as you walk your authentic path. Put yourself first, put your happiness first, put self-love first.No one can do this work for you, it is you alone who can shift the inner recesses of your mind and heart. It is you alone who can do this soul searching internally but you are not alone during the discovery process. Lean in. Lean in to support. Lean into a community of unconditional love.

I have created this offering as a support system for those who wish to deepen their connection to their own healing and spiritual growth. This is personalized one to one sessions to support you in accountability to intentions and visions through the technology of Kundalini Yoga, astrology, ritual and ceremony, pranayama (breath work), meditation and energy work.


This guidance is for those who truly wish to expand their own self healing practices and authentically understand their connection to Self- mind, body and spirit. This is for the woman who wishes to make empowered choices to move forward in her life no longer held by the cording’s of what once was or the static reality of what is not serving her in her life anymore. This is transformative personal work which calls to the student who is empowered and excited by self healing opportunities and investigations.

If you are tired of doing things that don’t work or only give short-term relief and you are ready to invest in yourself to create real freedom from the inside-out, then I’d love to hear from you.


Some of what we will cover:

Energetic clearing of blockages, stagnation & energetic interference

Understanding your personal connection with your excuses, aversions and perceived limitations

Connecting the dots with childhood & subconscious conditioning

Learning what emotions we store in the body and where, and how to support release

Learn every day self healing techniques & rituals

Examining the mind, thoughts and affirmations

Understanding and balancing our masculine and feminine energies

Learning to trust your intuitive guidance

Creating a self-healing practice that works for you

Connecting with your spirit guides
& much more!

3 months of accountability + support 

How it will work:

Calls take place via video conference online

Content is adjusted to fit your personal healing journey

We pick a day and time that works best for you each week

You’ll have weekly ritual and homework between classes to stay accountable to healing techniques