Practical Magic Mentorship: 4 month Personal Guidance + Mentorship

2020 Enrolment Status: Open

Investing in your wellbeing will always be with you. The more you focus on knowing yourself, gaining clarity, understanding your heart, grounding down physically, mentally and emotionally the more you can enrich your life as you walk your authentic path. This is a virtual, personalized mentorship program where I share tools of discovery, guidance and empowerment to rewire your brain and allow you to alchemize emotionally charged events that may be preventing your from excelling in the current moment.

WHO is this for?

  • Anyone who identifies with the Wild Womxn 
  • You’re ready for significant change in your life
  • You want to step into your personal power
  • You crave deeper emotional connection to yourself, your body and the earth
  • You’re tired of just “trying to be positive”
  • You want MORE energy and vitality
  • You want to create more abundance in your life
  • You’ve tried other forms of healing that just don’t get to the “root cause”

This guidance is for those who truly wish to expand their own self healing practices and authentically understand their connection to Self- mind, body and spirit.

This is for the woman who wishes to make empowered choices to move forward in her life no longer held by the cording’s of what once was or the static reality of what is not serving her in her life anymore.

This is transformative personal work which calls to the student who is empowered and excited by self healing opportunities and investigations.

If you are tired of doing things that don’t work or only give short-term relief and you are ready to invest in yourself to create real freedom from the inside-out, then I’d love to hear from you to see if we would be a fit.