Private Sessions

Shae offers private integrated Kinesiology healings, during a private in person session you will decompress your nervous system, connect to your heart and womb, heal and integrate deep emotions that are stored in your physical tissues.

Through conscious healing you are able to create a deeper connection to the medicine within you.

Shae specializes her teachings in breathwork, womb work, somatics, rewilding and meditation working in women’s health.

Within the community she offers; women’s retreats, women’s circles, transformational programs, mentorships and teacher trainings for students and practitioners.

You can see Shae for anything related to but not limited to:

movement therapy

womb healings

prenatal pelvic strengthening

postnatal recovery

emotional blockages

anxiety, overwhelm


breathing problems

Some extended health plans will cover Kinesiology services.

Holistic kinesiology aims to provide understanding and solutions to the causes of your issue. The reason for your issue, however, always lies within you. For example, you may suffer from a sore and stiff neck and feel anxious and stressed. Is the stress due to the sore neck or is the sore neck due to stress? It can be either. In one case, muscle feedback may prompt the holistic kinesiologist to work to defuse the stress causing the sore neck. In another case the practitioner may work on the sore muscles that are causing you stress. The holistic kinesiologist would look for factors that are causing the muscles of the neck not to function well.

Holistic kinesiology does not diagnose or treat symptoms or conditions; rather it merely addresses relative underlying stress patterns associated with imbalances in the system. Once the stress has been corrected the indicator muscles will respond accordingly, confirming a positive change. This change in muscle response anchors the changes into the body, giving it conscious positive feedback. This also gives the body more information and better strategies if the same situation occurs again.

Kinesiology is non-invasive and uses muscle monitoring as a biofeedback system to identify those factors that are blocking your body’s natural healing processes. We work together to create a complimentary treatment plan for your entire wellbeing As it is holistic multiple factors are taken into account; including physical, biochemistry, emotional, breathwork, sound healing, aromatherapy, intuitive energy work, yoga therapy, meditation, joint stabilizations, functional movement and spiritual.

Your body really is a mirror of your inner thoughts and beliefs.

The important thing is to remember to listen to it; your symptoms are telling you something. We get so busy working, doing and so forth that we don’t actually sit down and truly listen to what it is our bodies are trying to tell us. This is what makes Kinesiology wonderful as it looks beyond symptoms to find causes and it is when we clear causes of stress that true healing occurs.

Kinesiology does not diagnose or treat symptoms, rather it addresses the underlying stress patterns associated with imbalances in your body.

This type of therapeutics is suited for the patient who wants to take an active part in their healing journey, who is ready to create more alignment in their life and heart. My services as a Kinesiologist may be covered on some extended medical plans, please check with your provider. I also see clients for insurance claims.