Come and connect deeply with your heart, soul, & womb magic.

The Time is Now

Feminine Embodiment Retreats call in:

The woman who wishes to connect with her inner Wild Feminine, the Wild Woman. She longs to have community, to share her voice, to wake something ancient up inside her bones. She longs to be surrounded by nature free to express her howl, express her song, dance and play. 

She wants to root down into something greater than the daily world that surrounds her. She wants to be held in ceremony and explore deeper regions of her womb and belief structure. She wants to be nourished and recharged. 

Wild WOmen

Seeking connection

Feminine Embodiment Retreat 
May 19-22, 2022

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"The retreat was so much more than I had imagined."

"Lovely Goddesses, great food, ideal location (not too far but isolated enough feel like we are far away in paradise), fabulous Kundi classes, lots of meditation/pranayama exercise, incredible experience of the Sweat Lodge & Sound Healing, and of course the most incredible, lovely guide/coach master extraordinaire."

"The Radiant Goddess Retreat was one of the most exhilarating experience I’ve had."

"I feel I’ve been given some tools to enable me to make positive changes in my life. Lodging, food, location were great and the cost was very reasonable."

"I now have this amazing network of women to call upon when needed..."

The retreat was exactly what I needed to encourage me along this path of spirituality and a deeper understanding of myself and how I interpret and interact with the world around me. I crave more and more of this deep soul work every day and although I find it scary at times, I now have this amazing network of women to call upon when needed - so THANK YOU! 


No you don’t, the practice is accessible to all body shapes, sizes and activity levels

No you don’t need to have participated in any formal ceremony. All of you is welcome, all of you is worthy.

All of your meals and accommodations are always included in the investment. Each retreat is customized with sacred offerings either from one or two hosts. We always move through some variation of Kundalini Yoga, Ceremonial practices, Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, Ecstatic Dance, community connection, rest and exploration time. 

Do you hear the medicine songs? They’re calling you here, come join us.