Trusting the Call.

ser pacientes

I am packing up my life as I know it today. Here in the now and taking the biggest chance of my life to date. TRUSTING that where I am headed will allow me to step into myself and grow, stretch and expand to depths beyond what I could imagine.

I am in the process of minimizing my life to travel the world. Singularly. A woman on a journey to share, explore and expand her gifts.

What am I searching for you might ask? Nothing directly, but I am looking to share in new life expanding experiences. Those moments at the end of the day where you reflect and feel full. Where your heart is over flowing with love, connection and happiness. I find that when I travel. I find that when I am deeply in love with my life. I find that when I can step into nature, into cultures and communities that are outside of my day to day city-suburban cement life.

I have two weeks left in my small coach home. I love this place, it’s light, airy, quiet, I hear the frogs every evening, the coyotes singing and the rain when it falls on the deck outside my bedroom. I ask myself why bother leaving sometimes… this has been a very quick transition for me. I’ve only been in this slice of heaven for a year, exactly, May 2016 I moved in. May 2017 I’m moving out. I can’t seem to make it more than a year in one place at a time. There’s this unsettled restlessness that comes in waves. I can feel when a shift needs to occur and I trust that calling. Even though on the outside it may be perceived with judgement.

I made up my mind about a month ago. I was sitting in meditation one morning and this very soft voice said “Shae, what if you were to sell all of your belongings and pack up your essentials so that you could go travelling whenever you wanted to?”. Immediately this authoritative voice stepped in, “That’s stupid! Why would you even think that. You have a business and a life here.” That was the end of the conversation. Within a week external circumstances arose and reaffirmed that little voice in my mind was the direction I needed and I heeded the call without reservation. This call, the kind that you get from this very assured place deep within you. Yeah. That one. She called to me. She pulled me and I trusted. I surrendered to her words and guidance and gave my landlords my one month notice within 3 days of this life altering decision.

Packing my life into about 20 boxes, selling my belongings and moving in with my father for the rest of the year. This is such a beautiful opportunity to heal some deep family wounding’s. That is an entirely different story for another journey.


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