The Mentorship Experience 

If you are ready to do some deep, raw and juicy work in dismantling your patterns and beliefs to allow you to thrive and flourish in your life than we may be a great fit to work together!

For acute challenges we can do a single session but for sustainable results we work together for 4 months & beyond.

I work with clients who are self motivated, committed to getting vulnerable and slicing through their own excuses and bullshit and who show up heart forward to step into right relationship with themselves. 

If this sounds like YOU let’s connect and see if it’s the right fit. 

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Womb Healings

What if you could expand your relationship to your womb? To have an empowered bleed? Dare I say no pain?

What if you could break ancestral trauma and learned coping mechanisms inherited from your mother & grandmother? What if you chose to mother yourself differently, your children, your life? 

What if you could naturally and safety increase your fertility? Promote self healing of ovarian cysts, fibroids and endometriosis?

This hands on healing is meant to send you deep into an embodied experience of your femininity. Healing the traumas and creating an environment of health physically, emotionally and energetically. 

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Journey with me in two 6 month programs where I teach you how to dismantle your subconscious and rebuild it through the lens of Kundalini Yoga, Ceremony, Psychology and Divine feminine principles. 

How YOU can join:

  1. Awakening to Your Expansion
    • A 6 month foundational training where we do juicy and deep emotional excavation of your consciousness.
    • This training is meant for the healer, light worker, witch, yoga teacher, spiritual seeker and lover of self growth
    • This training is also a pre-requisite for the 200hr Kundalini Teacher Training for those who choose to continue these studies
    • Virtual lessons with monthly mentorship calls with me 
    • Access to the Sadhana & Ceremony Village for pre-recorded Kundalini Yoga classes, Meditations, Mantra & Pranayama

                                                                                Learn More Here

  2. 200hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
    • A 6 month 200hr teacher training specializing in Kundalini Yoga
    • Virtual & in person: Vancouver, B.C, Canada
                                                                                  Learn More Here

“Wow…I’ve practiced & have taught at many special, sacred spaces…but this one ~ wow!!! Please, see & experience for yourself! It is truly magical…thank you for creating this haven xo”

“Shae has this way of bringing out exactly what I need from each and every class. My fav is Kundalini, which is full of movement, emotion and women being wild. They are transformational. I highly recommend them, please do yourself a service and join me!”

“The magic that comes into and out of one of Shae’s classes must be experienced to be believed. Through this year of taking classes, and as a year one kundalini practitioner, I cannot believe the positive changes that have manifested in my life. Thanks Shae for sharing your knowledge, skills and for being an amazing guide.”