Practical Magic Mentorship

1:1 high-frequency coaching for conscious female business owners

Weave together your self-evolutionary work in an intimate container, designed to help you descend to the very core of your being.

Longing to explore the vulnerable spaces of your womb & heart?

I see you.

You so badly want to be moving forward in your personal or business life, but you feel fragmented. Caught in your old narratives. Unable to close-off the deeply-seeded trauma loops that are holding you back. Tired of trying all the different things (counselling, books, courses, yoga, reiki)  to reconnect to your power.

You need support.

Intimate, 1:1, tailored-to-your-life guidance to help you dive deeper. To decondition your past woundings. To help you live a more nourishing life. All grounded in The Foundation Method.

If intimate support is what you are craving, I’m the guide for you.

On my personal journey, I’ve worked with several mentors (and I still do). Mentorship allows you to be held in sacred space; to work through whatever is happening in your business or personal life. It’s the deepest form of self love, self-investment.

I help women like you who are ready to go into their depths with someone who has been there. You’ll be held in your rawest of vulnerabilities and you’ll gain the skills and sacred knowledge to nourish yourself. To find healing. To journey home.

Welcome, I'm Shae.

Introducing: Practical Magic Mentorship

A 1:1 high frequency container designed to guide you inwards towards internal richness. Our coaching sessions will lead you on a journey home to yourself, bringing all of the pieces of your soul back to a nourished state of being.

Imagine how it would feel to:

Reconnect with any parts of yourself that have been lost due to trauma.

Know how to caretake for the pieces of yourself that need more quality attention.

Reintegrate your inner child, teenager, and young adult selves.

Be more grounded, at home in your body, fully present, and connected to your root space.

Work through your blocks more deeply and effectively than you ever have before.

Live with more sustainable joy, compassion, and gratitude.

Consistently feel more nourished and replenished.

Experience radical shifts in your relationships with yourself and others.

Leave our time together feeling fulfilled and grateful for investing in yourself.


grounded in the foundation method

The Foundation Method is my signature methodology. It's a co-creative approach to wellness, combining the modalities of ceremony, goddess energetics, mindset work, and womb healing. TFM brings you full circle into the deepest layers of yourself, rebuilding your relationship with your womb, spirit, and heart from the inside out. 

Tailored to your individual needs

Unlike most coaching-style programs, Practical Magic doesn't use a set curriculum. This mentorship is designed to support YOUR unique life. During our first session, we review your requests, goals, and needs. Following this, I map out the course of our journey together using The Foundation Method, so we have direction to follow while also leaving space for the natural unfolding process. 

rooted in ceremony

During each session, we sit in ceremony together working with your benevolent support teams. We use the body’s wisdom for somatic releases and Kundalini activations, shamanic journeying to assist in stripping away whatever layers are ready to be excavated. We work to rewire your subconscious mind, planting new seeds and soil to grow a fuller garden within your heart and womb spaces.

Practical Magic Mentorship is...

The Foundation Method

My unique approach is called

Many spiritual guides specialize in one healing modality. My co-creative approach integrates the womb, your mindset, and goddess energetics rooted in ceremony, focusing on:

1. Somatics

2. Ceremony

3. Co-Creation

Alchemizing emotional blocks located specifically in your body and womb space. 

Connecting deeply to the earth, the elements, and your personal ancestry. 

Rooting into sacred reciprocity with your body, the land, and divine source connection.

Self-Investment: $7800 USD

3-month container | weekly calls

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"I am so much kinder to myself."

"Working with Shae has taught me I am my own person, I can lean on myself when I’m in need. I am not dreaming of the person I want to be, I continue to grow into her and it doesn’t feel impossible anymore.”

- Nicole T.

"I feel more aligned with the self I want to be."

"I have come to learn that self care and carving out time for myself is difficult. I have a shame cycle to work through regarding that. But, I have also learned that I am worthy on the care and gentle self love. That when I do give back to myself, I am able to show up in the world more as the person I imagine myself to be. I feel more aligned with the self I want to be."

- Jenn F.

"I am so so grateful for Shae."

 "I've come so far since that initial call with her, farther than I could’ve imagined at the time. I am excited to continue working together."

- Arianna C.


Yes, sacred practices are anything done with intentionality and full presence. A lot of the time we learn these practices through experience and witnessing. You don't need to have had any previous experience with sacred practices to benefit from this course.

Feminine Embodiment Studies is coined by me to encompass the totality of the work that I lead and guide. Awaken To Your Expansion is part of this. This direct work connects you with the wild feminine nature in your womb space. As you start living from this place, versus out of the colonist/settler/patriarchal/ toxic masculine space, you begin to witness the sustainable evolution of your life. 

Embodiment itself refers to HOW we walk the divine wild feminine while re-building our relationship to ourselves and the world. We work in the physical and somatic practices which are rewiring many of your old beliefs and patterns and inherent toxicity. Embodiment encompasses guided and self-led studies that inform, educate and provide practical and tangible exercises to build a healthy, sustainable foundation to walk your path and lead in this world. We are engaging your whole brain and the whole being of you on energetic, physical, and emotional levels to co-create a sustainable foundation for your life.

Yes I do.

Women who are fiercely committed to making sustainable changes within themselves and their life paths. Anyone who derives joy from being a lifelong student of their own subconsciousness and is willing to move through cycles of metaphorical life, death and rebirth to achieve the mindset and lifestyle they know is in highest alignment with their entire being. They are soul driven and ready to dive in even when there are blockages. 

Self investment is the highest form of self love.

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