Initiated Woman Retreats 

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Initiated Woman Retreats call in:

The woman who wishes to connect with her inner Wild Feminine, the Wild Woman. She longs to have community, to share her voice, to wake something ancient up inside her bones. She longs to be surrounded by nature free to express her howl, express her song, dance and play. 

She wants to root down into something greater than the daily world that surrounds her. She wants to be held in ceremony and explore deeper regions of her womb and belief structure. She wants to be nourished and recharged. 

Wild WOmen

Seeking connection

My curated retreats are an initiation, a deep homecoming.

The initiated woman emerges during these retreat as she starts to move differently. The full deepen usually occurs after 4 days time, a shift and change will also be seen and felt in as little as one day. 

You can recognize her by the softness of her shoulders and face. The warmth in her cheeks and the fire in her eyes of pleasure, passion and excitement.
She embodies living in a sensual slowness, a love affair with her life. She radiates vitality, luminance life force.

You become the initiated woman and there is no turning back once you've activated her.

In the retreat space there is an intimate group of other visionary and powerful women that you will be gathering with. In this space of deep tenderness and authentic connection we will be asking important questions to our wise wild selves. 
We will be exploring how to honour and align with our own individual medicine gifts in the form of self reflection, our work to the world, and to other aspects of our lives that are ready to evolve and match our values. 

The flow of the retreat: 

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A highly intentional container set for you from each of your rooms to the central gathering space to the location of this retreat to the foods we will be consuming. It all places a very important role in helping your senses land and your nervous system switch to a place of calmness, receptivity and warmness. You will sink deeper into a sense of personal safety, rooted awareness and a whole body softening. 


From this space we form an authentic and relatable container of heart-womb led kinship. We witness each other, support one another’s visions, stories, aliveness and desires. The bonds that are formed run bone deep, the spirit of the container is formed.


This intertwined anchoring into the land and the spirit of container a loving and supportive female based kinship is formed and here you are guided to explore deeper layers of yourself, your vision, your dreams. You express yourself in new and unfamiliar ways through the lost artistry of your bone, blood and breath. 

Embracing The Release

As you navigate the wild unknown landscape of your being you meet versions of yourself that may carry unhealthy patterns, internalized stories or narratives that create limitations for our personal potential as wild creatives. Here we embrace the impact and acknowledge the fullness of these things. Sacred and intentional release work occurs to extract the gold and wisdom from these places. 


As we move through this 4 day journey we are weaving rest, tenderness, connection and love into all that is being released and into who we are aligning ourselves with. Through these conscious little deaths we are simultaneously creating fertile ground for our seeds to be planted and the newness of who we are becoming to take root. We nourish this fertile ground through more feminine principles of body prayer, song, artistic expression and land tending. 


From this spaciousness of release and replenishing work you have a clear direction. A fullness in your womb and heart. A deep support of connection to not only the wildish nature within you but also the impact of authentic sisterhood and the power that this holds when women gather together to “do the work”. 


We will have an intentional closing ceremony to seal off your energy field and prepare you for stepping back into your life with all of your profound realizations and new awarnesses. 
You will not be the same person that you were when you arrived. You will return home feeling refreshed, rested, inspired, clear and anchored deeply into your next steps along your personal path. You will have the support continued with your sisters outside of the retreat container and be held with an integration check in about one week after the retreat container is closed. 

"This retreat changed my life"

"In just four short days, I healed parts of myself that therapy, psychiatry, treatment centres, and other healing modalities couldn’t even touch. 

Say yes to YOU. I promise you won’t regret it.” 
-Rachel S

"Your wild, amazing and gentle energy was so refreshing"

“The sacred space and atmosphere you created for us. Your wild, amazing and gentle energy was so refreshing. Being able to spend sacred and beautiful time with my best friend was truly so special.”
- Robyn L

"Challenging myself to exist in ways that I’ve been scared or conditioned not to..."

“{the most impactful part of the retreat was} Challenging myself to exist in ways that I’ve been scared or conditioned not to, for example: taking up space, singing, howling, speaking loudly, dancing freely, crying without holding back, full belly laughs, sharing my personal experiences, sharing my thoughts after certain practices. ”
- Emma W

"To other women looking to attend this retreat - JUMP IN."

“My life started to change the moment I said yes, well before even attending. When I decided to make the financial commitment, it was the first time in a long time I consciously invested in myself. Saying yes to this retreat created a snow ball effect. I started saying yes to other opportunities that came my way. The fear was gone and replaced by a deep desire to heal at any lengths necessary. "
- Rachel S

"The intentionality, time and love that you poured into this retreat was unbeliveable"

“From the moment we stepped in the door to the moment we left. I felt the love and intention you poured over every single aspect of the retreat. Not a thing went unnoticed, from the nourishing food to the roses at the front door. I felt fully loved and cared for the entire weekend. I don’t believe I would’ve been able to find that anywhere else.” 
- Robyn L

"Being able to move my body without shame or judgment, take up space, scream, cry, shake was medicine I didn’t even know I needed." 

“How do I even pick one thing!? The most powerful shifts were felt during the cacao ceremonies. I also really enjoyed morning practice.

I also enjoyed the perfect balance between these powerful ceremonies and plenty of alone time to integrate and take it all in.”
- Rachel S

"I found this retreat different because every persons experience and process was unique to themselves."

“ There was room for individuality and ‘control’ (for lack of better words coming to mind) over what you got out of it, even though we were all doing the same things on the same schedule we all had our own personal goals and takeaways. I
 found this fluidity combined with structure freeing and empowering. I guess you can say that this retreat can be applied to so many different women in so many different walks of life, with so many different intentions and goals and they could all come it if it feeling fulfilled regardless!!”
- Emma W

"...there is a certain level of vulnerability and soul understanding when women gather. I felt so safe."

“This is the first retreat I’ve attended that was exclusively created by women, for women. While I enjoyed past retreats, there is a certain level of vulnerability and soul understanding when women gather. I felt so safe.”
- Rachel S

"Do it scared!! It’s worth it!!"

“It may seem a bit intimidating at first but just dive in and let go, you’ll thank yourself later!!” 
- Emma W

"The retreat was so much more than I had imagined."

"Lovely Goddesses, great food, ideal location (not too far but isolated enough feel like we are far away in paradise), fabulous Kundi classes, lots of meditation/pranayama exercise, incredible experience of the Sweat Lodge & Sound Healing, and of course the most incredible, lovely guide/coach master extraordinaire."

"The Radiant Goddess Retreat was one of the most exhilarating experience I’ve had."

"I feel I’ve been given some tools to enable me to make positive changes in my life. Lodging, food, location were great and the cost was very reasonable."

"I now have this amazing network of women to call upon when needed..."

"The retreat was exactly what I needed to encourage me along this path of spirituality and a deeper understanding of myself and how I interpret and interact with the world around me. I crave more and more of this deep soul work every day and although I find it scary at times, I now have this amazing network of women to call upon when needed - so THANK YOU! "

  • You want to pause time and reconnect to yourself to do the inner work to get in full and deep alignment 
  • You want to continue to develop a healthier, loving relationship with your body as you relate to her as your body temple. 
  • You want to reconnect to the inner rhythms within yourself and nurture them.
  • You want to step deeper into your land stewardship.
  • You want to explore the evolutions of your own inner psyche and how your life has been unfolding. 
  • You want to access the wild unknown within you for more expression, play and freedom
  • You want to experience a deeper healing within your relationships with women and sisterhood from an authentic and real place. 
  • You want to be held as a newborn as you allow yourself to be rebirthed 
  • You want to reconnect to your ancestral wisdom and divinely pagan roots 
  • You want to sharpen the vision that you have for the world you are creating through your work, your presence and your daily devotional actions. 
  • You want to develop more courage, joy and resilience within stepping into your power. 
  • Most of all you want to be witnessed. You want to be seen, heard, appreciated and supported. 

Retreat work IS for you if:

  • You aren’t ready to accept radical responsibility in your life. 
  • You’re not ready for change to occur. 
  • You don’t like to do deep dives into your inner world and sanctum 
  • You want to lie on a beach and hope your difficulties or imbalances in life won’t be there when you return home. 
  • You don’t want to step into your power, your body and your own radiance. 
  • You’d rather someone else do all the work for you.
  • Aren’t comfortable with different opinions and ways of life outside of your own stories. 
  • You like quick and easy fixes. 
  • You jump from transformational program to transformational program without taking time to integrate and sit with the lessons unearthed. 

Retreat work is NOT for you if: 

Red Drum Day Retreats

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If you long to be surrounded by nature free to express your howl, express your song, dance and explore play then let us gather in celebration. 


No you don’t, the practice is accessible to all body shapes, sizes and activity levels

No you don’t need to have participated in any formal ceremony. All of you is welcome, all of you is worthy.

This is up to you! How much or little of the external you'd like me to arrange. Outside of this each retreat is customized with sacred offerings. We always move through some variation of Kundalini Yoga, Ceremonial practices, Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, Ecstatic Dance, vocal activations, community connection, rest and exploration time. 

Yes! To secure your curated event 50% retainer is due to book your date and then remaining 50% is due upon completion of the event.

The sacred resetting work you do in this retreat is a rewiring of your nervous system and brain.

This direct work connects you with the wild feminine nature in your womb space.

As you start living from this place, versus out of the colonist/settler/patriarchal/ toxic masculine space, you begin to witness the sustainable evolution of your life. 

Embodiment itself refers to HOW we walk the divine wild feminine while re-building our relationship to ourselves and the world.

We work with The Foundation Method rewiring many of your old beliefs and patterns and inherent toxicity.

Embodiment encompasses guided and self-led studies that inform, educate and provide practical and tangible exercises to build a healthy, sustainable foundation to walk your path and lead in this world.

We are engaging your whole brain and the whole being of you on energetic, physical, and emotional levels to co-create a sustainable foundation for your life.

This space is for your personal revitalization so I ask that your beloved kiddos be left at home so you can fully focus on self nourishment in order to show up with more capacity as a mother. 

There is a 50% refund of the retainer within 30 days notice of cancellation from the secured event date. 
If it is less than 30 days from the event date, there is no refunds for any reason and the full invoice payment is still applicable regardless if the event is cancelled. 

Do you hear the medicine songs? They’re calling you, let's gather.