Sat Nam Sweet Ones! 

I am Shae Savage & welcome to a platform of Feminine Embodiment Studies. 

I love being a bonus mama, a new mama & a partner to an amazingly beautiful man. My spirituality is embedded into every avenue of my life as a living ceremony. 

For the last 11 years I’ve been refining my skill set and crafting my offerings to be able to share and teach them to YOU! I’m passionate about living in authentic alignment. 

In my Feminine Embodiment Studies I utilize my skills as a Breath Doula, Womb Worker, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Kinesiologist & Ceremonialist to help you awaken to the medicine already within you.   

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My offerings are virtual at this time. 

My Mission:

To empower you in revolutionizing your healing which allows you to access the medicine that already exists within you.

I serve to align myself with self motivated and consciously connected souls who are ready to make  significant transformational impacts within their lives.

These souls are WILLING to get uncomfortable in the discovery of self. Together, we focus on creating authentic and sustainable foundations that allow us to live our lives to the highest potential.

Who I Work With

Women under 30 who are feeling in their bones that there must be something more than this.

The one who longs for lightness, empowerment & radical self love.

The one who hears the whisper in their heart on the still nights, a longing to come home.

The one who deep down in her bones knows theres a deep unapologetic inherent wild womxn. 

You are a woman who wants to feel in deeper alignment with your true self, your emotions and your personal power.

You are tired of your own excuses and frankly sick of your own bullshit. You are wanting to have a strong application of self love, self respect and self trust.

You want play, freedom and full expression in your life. You want pleasure and joy in relational containers.  

You are ready to do the work & fiercely committed to achieving the life you’ve been saying you want for some time now. You want to be guided in a container to help piece the puzzle together as well as be held accountable to following through. 

Let’s connect & see if we align on this life long journey of transformation.

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