Red Drum Day Retreat Offerings

Gather in circle to remember the Goddess for a sacred day retreat communing spell bound poetry, stories and songs while you weave your own 13" Red Drum

The pulse of life is what the ancient women and priestesses understood long before they had words for it. The drum was the means that our ancestral sisters used to summon the goddess, and the drums was used in rituals that invoked the archetypal patterns of life, death and, rebirth. - Nikiah Seeds

The Red Drum Lineage.

The red drum lineage was birthed from my teacher, Nikiah Seeds creatrix of Red Moon Mystery School and co-author of Moon Mysteries: Reclaiming Women's Menstrual Wisdom. 

The story weaves like this. When Nikiah was in the depths of her Shamanic apprenticeship she was to make her drum and through her quest her guides showed her a world wrapped in the sacred color red. The symbolism for the Goddess. For blood. For life, death and rebirth.

From here she deepened her studies in women's mysteries and birthed the Red Drum Carriers in her Red Moon Mystery School and a book on menstrual wisdom, and found a long established connection between women, the Goddess, drumming and the colour red.

Nikiah birthed a large community of red drum carriers and has established a team of Red Drum Leaders to bring this medicine way into even more hands.

The drums are a cedar frame and Elk hide ethically sourced in Canada from various indigenous families to whom the supplies are purchased from.  

Today I am honoured to hold this lineage reconnecting women to the primordial womb and blood mysteries imprinted instinctually into our bones, blood and flesh. 


Who are These Day Retreats for?

For women or those who identify as female living by the seasons.

You have a deep reverence for nature and honour the cyclical pulsation of the feminine.

These retreats are for the wild ones who want to step deeper into their reclamation work for themselves, for women, for their ancestors. 

What to expect

This is an 8hr in person gathering with 7 other souls. 

Expect to activate your voice and inner goddess as you extend your roots into the sacred cauldron of the earth.   

This day retreat is a circle of women's gatherings, song crafting, expanded expression and connection.  

I am honoured to host this in person event in Squamish. 

You will be sinking into word witchery and story-telling magic which will strengthen the natural creative essence within you.

There will be embodied movement to help allow space for your entire self to come alive. 

With this sacred connection to embodying the Goddess we will reclaim our voices through 13" Red Drum crafting. 

Your food is catered by a local chef. You receive a highly nutrient dense and delicious vegetarian meal along with tea wild crafted by myself.  

rooted in ceremony

The offerings shared in these gatherings are rooted in my Pagan ancestry of Celtic & Slavic influences. 

The crafting of the drum is powerful and significant in your personal sovereignty and reclamation work as an embodiment of the Goddess; the keeper of life & death.

The drum is a symbol and may never be played but hung as a beautiful reminder of this initiation. You may however find that after you've activated the heart beat of your drum you are called to play and continue working with it for many years to come.  

Red Drum & Spell Weaving 

"We vibrate to that primordial rhythm even before we have ears to hear...
When we vibrate to the rhythm of our Mother's blood before she herself is born. 
And this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the Grandmother's to the first Mother"
- Layne Redmond