Thank you for showing up, sweet one.

Are you wanting to feel a deep reconnection to yourself? To your purpose? To your spirit? & To your body? 

Are you wanting to live fully expressed in your life? Use your voice and lead your life in the direction of expansion, self love & empowerment?

Imagine if.. 

… you felt seen, heard and understood in your own uniqueness with the confidence to show up exactly how you are in FULL self expression without worrying about other’s judgements?

… you had a deeper understanding of your emotions both energetically and scientifically and how to work WITH them as they arrive in order to integrate them.

… you felt abundant AF in all areas of your life including self love, family, romantic relationships, friendships & career. 

… you started living in your body more and feeling grounded and connected instead of overthinking and analyzing in your mind. 


… you had a non-negotiable self care routine that includes integrating your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.

… you valued your body and made authentic choices around supporting her natural cycles and rhythms.

… you developed a strong sense of Self empowerment and personal accountability.

… you developed a deep bond with like minded women in a community where vulnerability was celebrated and encouraged. Where you could be held in the WHOLE range of your emotions and learned that it was safe to be expressed in this way.

… you were able to connect to Spirits and energies through sacred Earth Medicine practices that kept you protected and in Right Relationship with Mother Earth.

Want to make this your reality?

Awaken To Your Expansion is the foundation to achieve all of this, and more.

ENROLMENT is now OPEN! Class start on the New Moon September 6th!




Embody Your Power & Live in Alignment With Your Highest Self

Awaken to Your Expansion is a 4 month self mastery course that helps you align your life with self love and emotional embodiment which sets a foundation to propel you forward into living your most expressed life.

Regardless of your past experiences, self help books, yoga trainings, wellness retreats or hours of talk therapies… Awaken to Your Expansion is here to give you tangible, practical and sustainable tools to understanding your emotions and reactions and how to face them with confidence head on to dismantle and integrate, which will gift you with emotional freedom. All without bypassing or ignoring the heaviness and density of your lived experiences. You will learn how to still move into memories, understand triggers without being pulled from your state of grounded connection to your body. 

Furthermore… we are here to support you and hold you accountable to this sacred internal work 24/7. Anytime you need help, simply post in our private support community or attend one of the bi-weekly group calls held by past Awaken to Your Expansion students trained closely by myself. These Accountability Mentors also help you track your personal progress, get un-stuck and stay in alignment with yourself when negative thoughts arrive and your self sabotaging patterns become present. 

You will dive deep into the profound experience of being together with like-minded individuals growing a community (sisterhood) while meeting and embodying your truest form. You will be so deeply held during this unravelling and re-wiring. 


The questions “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose in this life?” and “Am I living my life to the fullest capacity?” are the foundation of an ongoing self-inquiry that leads to transformation.

Now is the time

The change begins within. Come back to the sweet remembrance of WHO you truly are and reclaim your authenticity, abundance and the birthright of happiness.

Stand strong in your truth and heed the calling.


Proven Success  

  • To gain practical and sustainable tools to navigate and understand your emotional world to liberate you from toxic patterns in your life.
  • Deepen your connection to play, freedom and joy. 
  • Improved communication skills within your own self talk and within relationship to others. 

Unlimited, On-demand Mentorship 

  • Access support anytime to our private community group whenever you need it
  • 1:1 Monthly mentorship directly with me
  • Bi-Weekly group mentorship calls 

Detailed Curriculum

  • When you join Awaken to Your Expansion, you’ll be given access to 11 modules of curriculum. It is dripped out weekly to your inbox so you have time to learn and implement the content before moving to the next module. 
  • All modules build upon each other 

Lifetime Access

  • Once you join Awaken to Your Expansion, you’re given lifetime access to the curriculum, even after the 4 months this content will still be here for you to review and lean into every step of your journey. 
  • You also receive access to any updated or edited versions of the program as an alumni student.

Supportive Community & Accountability 

  • Doing transformational self study and applied work can be lonely as things shifts and you need other relating humans to talk to about what you’re moving through. When you join the Awaken to your Expansion family you’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community who you can connect with and mastermind with. You’ll be inspired, motivated, held lovingly accountable and you’ll make some new friendships. 

“All is Worthy & All is Welcome”

-Shae Savage


  1. Reconnect To Your Body

In the first few months we will dive deep into reconnecting with your body and learning how to listen to what arises to feel embodied and empowered. This repairs years of neglect and damage that we’ve caused through a multitude of life’s choices. You will deepen your connection to Mother Earth and build on earth medicine tools and techniques to support you and make you feel grounded. Here we explore the basics of Kundalini Yoga as well to seed the awakening of the divine within. 

  1. Understanding Your Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

We dive into the alchemy of emotions. How and why you are the way you are through your thoughts, patterns and behaviours and HOW to tangibly and sustainably rewire the brain to give you a different result. You will meet the parts of SELF that you’ve surpressed and demonized in a guided container and learn how to experience, dismantle and integrate with the body.

  1. Building Personal Power

You’ll work with your inner child reparenting and homecoming to build confidence, self love, self assurance, trust and freedom from the weight of the emotional labour you’ve been carrying ancestrally. You will strengthen your bond to yourself and crystalize the life you want to lead. 

  1. Womb Connection & The Divine Feminine  

You will learn deeply how to connect, heal and walk in the light of your body’s natural flow state & fememine embodiment. You will step into a deeper purpose and power learning about earth medicines, shamanism and ancestral healing.  

  1. Communication Skills

Here you will learn how to continue working within ceremony and ritual to set loving boundaries and practice radical self-love. You will refine the art of communication which will further propel you to excel in your life and relational containers. 


“When you don’t go within, you go without”

-Yogi Bhajan

What Our Students Are Saying…


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