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Do you want to commune with your loving ancestors & create magic? 

ancestors & create magic

Are you seeking to enhance your divination abilities? Connect with your ancestral wisdom? Eager to explore your creative expression through art, voice, and body wisdom?

Welcome to The Witches Circle,
here we gather to explore deeper into the realms of the psyche to commune, explore, activate and learn about various aspects of self. 

The teachings of this course are influenced and guided by psychologist Carl Jung and author Danielle Dulsky. Two great teachers and inspirational humans in my world. All permissions have been had to share Danielle's voice and stories in The Witches Circle. 

The basis of this program is rooted in witchery, ancestral healing, psychology, experiential learning, artistic expression, vocal activation, story-telling and magic. 

This is a self-paced 12 week course that can expand into 12 months should you choose to deepen with each archetypal energy. Once you register you will have immediate access to this course and all 12 archetypes. 

Reconnect with your inner magic by engaging in art rituals and weaving spells, connecting with your ancestors, and reflecting through writing.

Find your voice through singing and sounds.

Allow yourself to be creative, explore 12 archetypes for self-reflection and personal growth.

Inside the witches circle, you will:

full body yes

The Witches Circle

This course is crafted to bring ritual, ancestral connection and sacredness back into the homes of the wild ones. The ones hiding in the broom closet or curious about what practicing magic weaved with psychology might look like. It's an experience of trust, intuition development and artistic expression.

Opening & closing circle for each archetype including protection

The Maker's Apothecary where we take the seat of reflection and integration through various writing prompts to weave all the magic together

Altarscape & Oracle spread are for your home altar crafting and divination process/development

The Mythic Garden where we anchoring into a small body prayer & visit the house of becoming 

The Witches Stone Circle where we move into ritual art creation through ancestral communion and story weaving

The Selkie's Sea Cave where we layer our magical rituals with a sigil ritual 

The Siren's Sound Sanctuary where we activate and amplify our voice through song and expression

FULL ACCESS to twelve 90 minutes ceremonies

You will receive:

JOIN THE Witches Circle

The Foundation Method

My unique approach is called

Many spiritual guides specialize in one healing modality. My co-creative approach integrates the womb, your mindset, and goddess energetics rooted in ceremony, focusing on:

1. Somatics

2. Ceremony

3. Co-Creation

Alchemizing emotional blocks located specifically in your body and womb space. 

Connecting deeply to the earth, the elements, and your personal ancestry. 

Rooting into sacred reciprocity with your body, the land, and divine source connection.


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