Your Womb is the seat of your feminine power & expression.

1:1 in person womb healings take place in Squamish, B.C to bring you home to your wise and wild self. 

Wild Womb Healing Sessions call in:

The woman who wishes to connect with her inner Wild Feminine landscape and have a relationship with her personal ecology.

She wishes to bring in more vitality, sensuality, healing, power and expression back into her life.

She wants to infuse her creativity into her life's creations; this might be children, family, business or relationships. 

She wants to root down into something greater than the daily world that surrounds her.
She wants to be held in ceremony and explore deeper regions of her womb space. 
She wants to be nourished and recharged. 


Seeking Healing

What is a Wild Womb Healing?

A ceremonial space where we gather to anchor into your body and energetic field for greater knowledge and healing. 

The session is 2 hours in length where you are held in a cocoon of love and compassion from the moment you enter the room. 

The plant medicines that you will come into contact are:
Rose, kitchen herbs, Cacao and/or various herbal teas

These medicines are a part of the ceremony of the practice to soften your nervous system and open your heart to receptivity and healing. All are invitational. 

Within the womb healing you will be moving through nervous system resetting techniques by rhythmic breathing, gentle shaking, body release work, hands on touch of the chest and abdomen, visualizations, vocal resonance and sound.

Hands on work is invitational and can be worked towards.  

The general result is a release of stagnation, a connection to a deeper aspect of self both physically and psychologically and deep peacefulness. 


A highly intentional ceremonial container set for you.You will sink deeper into a sense of personal safety, rooted awareness and a whole body softening. 


From this space we form an authentic and relatable container of heart-womb led kinship. We sit with your intention with medicinal plant allies based on your needs.


 From here you are guided through sound activations, breath work, visualizations and hands on massage as well as energetic work to explore deeper layers of yourself, your vision, your blocks all held in your womb and blood. 

Embracing The Release

As you navigate the wild unknown landscape of your feminine being you meet versions of yourself that may carry unhealthy patterns, internalized stories or narratives that create limitations for our personal potential as wild creatives. Here you embrace the impact and acknowledge the fullness of these things. Sacred and intentional release work occurs to extract the gold and wisdom from these places. This includes hands on extractions and massage techniques. 


As you move through this two hour journey you are weaving rest, tenderness, connection and love into all that is being released . Through these conscious little deaths you are simultaneously creating fertile ground for your seeds to be planted and the newness of who you are becoming to take root.  


From this spaciousness of release and replenishing work you have a clearer direction. A fullness in your womb and heart. A deep support of connection to your bones, blood and breath. You are supported through your session with space for decompression and floral essences. 


We will have an intentional closing ceremony to seal off your energy field and prepare you for stepping back into your life with all of your profound realizations and new awarenesses. 
You will be held with an integration check in the follow week after your womb healing session as well as homework to assist the integration process. 

The Sessions Flow

  • Women, with or without a physical womb 
  • The woman who wants to prepare her womb for conception, birth or who is experiencing fertility issues 
  • The woman who wants to clear out past lovers and stagnant energies of her womb space
  • The woman who has mis-carried, lost a child, had an abortion 
  • The woman who has imbalances within her bleed cycle 
  • The woman who has womb related dis-eases (PCOS, Endo, PMDD, fibriods, etc) 
  • The woman who wants to pause time and reconnect to herself to do the inner work to get in full and deep alignment 
  • The woman who wants to continue to develop a healthier, loving relationship with your body as you relate to her as your body temple. 
  • The woman who wants to reconnect to the inner rhythms within yourself and nurture them.
  • The woman who wants to experience a deeper healing within your relationships with women and sisterhood from an authentic place. 
  • The woman who wants to be held as a newborn as you allow yourself to be rebirthed 
  • Most of all you want to be witnessed. You want to be seen, heard, appreciated and supported. 

Wild Womb healing is for:

  • You if you aren’t ready to accept radical responsibility in your life. 
  • You if you're not ready for change to occur. 
  • You if you don’t like to do deep dives into your inner world and sanctum 
  • You if you don’t want to step into your power, your body and your own radiance. 
  • You if you'd rather someone else do all the work for you.
  • You if you like quick and easy fixes. 

Wild Womb Healing is NOT for:

"My mental, emotional, physical and especially spiritual health took a hit from a cancer diagnosis." 

"embracing my ancestors’ guidance, voices and love. Feeling their presence on the tip of my palms as if they were holding my hand through this journey. "
-Laura B